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    GLEAM  20L

  • GLEAM Chlorinated Dishmachine Detergent

    GLEAM is an odourless, high-performing liquid detergent. Gleam is an excellent remover of soils in all water conditions. Its unique water conditioning ingredients prevent streaking and spotting even as it eliminates hard water films and lime deposits. For use in automatic dishwashing machines.
    20lt & 5 lt


  • SPOTLESS Rinse Additive & Drying Agent

    SPOTLESS is a liquid rinse additive for use in automatic dishwashing machines. Promoting rapid drying of crockery and cutlery, the addtion of defoaming agents eliminates troublesome foam ensuring wash/rinse jets work at their optimum performance.
    20lt & 5 lt


    SAW    5L

  • SAW Acid Descaler

    SAW is formulated as an effective descaler, cleaner on stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic, glass and plastic surfaces and equipment in food processing operations. It is a fast, effective remover of soils, stains and scale containing a high percentage of calcium, iron or magnesium.



    SOAK   4KG

  • SOAK Stain Remover

    SOAK is formulated as a fast-working odourless powder cleaner for the removal of tannin, tea and stains from plastic and chinaware in a single soak process.




    GO  20L

  • GO Heavy-Duty Grill and Oven Cleaner

    GO is formulated for the rapid removal of grease and burnt soils from ovens, hotplates, hoods and deep fryers. It is safe to use on enamel, iron, stainless steel and glass surfaces.
    20lt & 5lt



    PAN PAL   20L

  • PANPAL Pot and Pan Cleaner

    PAN PAL is formulated as an economical, viscours, neutral handwashing liquid. A multipurpose product that can be used in a number of applications including dishwashing, mopping and vehicle washing. Suitable for all water conditions.
    20lt & 5lt



    Cobalt Blue No Rinse Sanitiser 5L


    CB NO RINSE SANITISER is a powerful quatenary ammonium based product with exceptional sanitising and fungacidal properties. It may be used in the sanitising of previously cleaned food processing equipment in the food manufacture, brewing and soft drink industries also abattoirs, restaurants and canteens. Use for mould control in cool rooms –  using No Rinse Sanitiser once every 6 months will provide residual fungistatic activity to satisfactorily control mould growth.


    NOVA   20L

  • NOVA Multi Purpose Cleaner

    NOVA  is  formulated  as  a  safe  effective  multi-purpose cleaner  for  floors  and  hard  surfacess.  The  concentrated streak  free  formulation  can  be  used  in  both  spray  and wipe  and  mopping  applications.  Safe  and  effective  on wood,  furniture,  leather,  plastic,  porcelain,  aluminium, glass and stainless steel.
    20lt and 5lt.


    TP6  20L

  • TP6 Alkaline Cleaner Sanitiser

    TP6 is formulated as a liquid Chlorinated alkaline detergent specially formulated for effective “Foam Cleaning” of food processing equipment , walls and floors. The formulation provides excellent fat and grease cleaning properties along with effective sanitation.


    DWP  4KG

  • DWP Dishwashing Powder Detergent

    DWP is a highly concentrated auto dish washing powder. It effectively removes soils, coffee, tea stains and sanitises as it cleans. No spots, no film, no residue. DWP leaves your crockery and cutlery sparkling clean.



    N10  20L

  • N10 Heavy-Duty Cleaner Degreaser

    N10 is formulated as a phosphate free heavy duty cleaner for the rapid removal of oil and grease from kitchen floors, walls and hard surfaces.

    Also ideal as an ink stain remover.
    20lt and 5lt



    NCC    5L

  • NCC Non Caustic Degreaser

    NCC is formulated with a mix of anionic builders, surfactants and organic chelating agents. Effective for the general degreasing of automated ventilator hood systems and ovens.




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